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About The Couch Scout

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Who am I?

As an overview – An aspiring scout and analyst, continuing to develop my knowledge of the game. Focusing on improving my technical knowledge, talent ID skills, and my understanding of performance & data analysis.

Background – A lad from Somerset who studied Business & Management at Uni, with the intention of forging a career in the ‘real world’.

But a few years into said career, found himself stuck in a downward spiral, unhappy, lacking fulfilment, and in an exhausting battle with his mental health. After some time wrestling with this, he decided enough is enough and is pursuing a career that really matters to him. Hungry to use his experience as motivation to drive success in this new chosen path.

Why ‘The Couch Scout’?

The Couch Scout is a blog that I have set up to document my reports, track my progress and share my views with anyone that might be interested. I hope that it will be an aid in forging a successful career in the industry.

I am very keen to get speaking to people, so please do drop me a message (details on ‘contact me’ page). I’d be happy to chat football, analytics, or even about mental health.

And if you do happen to enjoy my posts then please do share, if at all possible.

Thanks muchly,

Dan Holt

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Let me tell you a bit about myself, find out why I do this.

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